At the recent Ministry Property and CPPA executive property team meeting, we enquired on behalf of our members, clarification of the third party lease agreement requirements and an update on SPP’s.

The first Quarterly update of the School Property Plan delivery progress has been released.

The CPPA Executive property team meets once a term now to ensure that regular communication is at the forefront of any developments especially regarding all things property. In this article, we talk about SPP progress and 3rd party lease agreements.

This short overview from the April Property 101 presentation:

“The School Property Plan is a long term (20+ horizon) planning document that ensuresthe management of school property supports delivery of education. The SPP provides an overview of the school, its education vision, the property and its performance, thenetwork profile and future demand. It identifies key activities to maintain the propertyand options that safeguard future use.From 1 July 2022, all schools leaving the Christchurch Schools Rebuild programme will need a property plan setting out how the school will be managed going forward. Not all schools will be ready for planning at the same time. As their CSR projects are completed, schools will transition out of the programme and into a regular planning cycle. There are 65 schools ready to undertake the SPP process. For schools that are not yet complete, we will work with them once they are complete to develop plans.”

A copy of the SPP update you should receive is also available for download in this article.

The following section has been taken from the Ministry website found at this link regarding Third party lease agreements.

“Boards must use a standard Ministry agreement between their schools and third-parties when leasing or hiring school land and buildings. The Ministry approval is required in most instances.”

“We provide schools with a range of standard agreements depending on the leasing or hiring situation. Only a Ministry standard agreement can be used. A board has the right to agree to a request to lease or hire out any school property. There is no automatic right for third parties to occupy schools.

A school can be leased or hired out for a variety of reasons such as:

  • community groups hiring the school hall 
  • groups wanting to use school property for after-school care or weekend sports 
  • early childhood education centres leasing an empty classroom 
  • a swim school leasing the school pool 
  • the school being used as a polling booth on election day.”

A copy of the Lease agreement process is available for download in this article.

Image by: Shane Buckner