What it is: A capital injection accelerating upgrade works at schools that would otherwise be deferred due to a lack of available funds.

A group of CPPA Executive meet with the Ministry Property team to receive updates and provide a hands on view to the team. We met on 8 November and the SIP fund came up as a priority to talk with members about.

The SIP is funding for your school to use in pretty much any way you want. There are a number of schools who have not yet used either a significant portion of the fund, or there is a little left still to be accessed.

Your school Property Advisor will be contacting you shortly by both email and a followup phone call to ensure that you know how much you have left (if any) and to ensure you have a plan to use it.

We do know that there are a number of schools who are still undertaking property development and wish to use the SIP to enhance the project. Please ensure that your property advisor knows this and you can have a plan and timeframe to have this done.

The fund is supposed to be allocated by 31 December 2021.

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Types of projects

This funding is for property upgrades, not property maintenance. Maintenance projects like painting, fixing broken equipment or repairing a broken pipe should be funded through the Property Maintenance Grant.

  • As the School Investment Package is an opportunity for schools to bring forward their discretionary projects and enhance their facilities for students now, schools should focus on projects that can be delivered by December 2021.

Projects will vary from school to school, but examples of planned works may include:

  • Create more collaborative space by modifying the configuration of existing teaching spaces
  • Resurfacing outdoor courts and paved areas
  • Upgrading the school’s storm water drainage systems
  • General landscaping and signage works
  • Bringing forward or expanding classroom upgrades, to improve lighting, acoustics and ventilation
  • Capital projects to keep existing pools fit for purpose (e.g. replacing a pool pump).