Many people present a report of PLD attended as part of their Board meeting report. Here is one we have prepared that can be personalised.

Here is a Google Doc link to an editable Google doc. Please copy the doc so we don’t all see your changes.

Here are the contents of the report.

CPPA Conference, Hanmer 6-8 September 2020

The focus of this 2020 conference was Principal Wellbeing.

In Canterbury there have been 28 changes of principal between the start of the year and this conference, in just over 200 schools. Principalship is recognised as being a very challenging, critical, and fulfilling role, which has the potential to take a toll on the health and wellbeing of the principal.

This year’s conference saw the highest ever number of principals attending at 91. This is just under 50% of Canterbury Principals. A key part of the programme was time allocated to connecting with colleagues – principals from schools that are similar to ours, different to ours, bigger, smaller, with similar and different challenges. The opportunity to spend time talking to colleagues on a wide range of topics was invaluable.

Of particular relevance to me was…..

40HP — Image by: Shane Buckner

Key presenters at the conference were two of our colleagues, Principals Steve Zonneyvylle and David Armstrong, who have co-authored a book called ‘The Forty Hour Principal’.

The key challenge from them was for Principals to work differently – not that the job could or should be able to be done in 40 hours a week, but rather that principals need to ensure that they stay fit, healthy and mentally able to continually meet the demands of this role. This includes planning time for ‘recovery’ – pacing ourselves and working with the ebbs and flows of the role, rather than feeling a need to have the foot flat on the accelerator 24/7.

Something I personally took away from this was….