Ministry of Education School and ECE Emergency mass contact tool

About Mataara:

In an emergency event we want to be able to connect with you as quickly and simply as possible so that we can find out if you need our help. As you are aware, the Ministry has developed Mataara, a school and ECE emergency mass contact tool that allows us to quickly text you in the event of an emergency in your area (such as a fire, flood or earthquake). You can then reply to our message by text letting us know your school’s status. Mataara collates this information so that we can plan a response and provide useful information to other agencies such as NZ Police and Civil Defence.

This allows MoE Regional office staff to generate a text message very quickly to all schools and early learning services in a specified area.

Mataara is easy to use and sends a text to a mobile phone. After we send you a message regarding an emergency in your area, you can reply using the number which corresponds to your status:

(1) = Open

(2) = Open – NEED HELP

(3) = Closed

(4) = Closed – NEED HELP

You can add additional text to your reply, but responding with the relevant number allows us to quickly identify if you need help. Please note that you cannot initiate the emergency texting process.

If you reply with (2) or (4) indicating that you need help, you will be contacted by a Ministry staff member such as your education advisor.

If you do not respond to our message, our staff will follow up with you by phone and/or email.

Mataara Emergency testing

In the next two weeks, we will be sending out a test text, which we aim to do periodically. This will enable us to ensure we have your most up to date and relevant emergency contact details and to also ensure timely receipt of critical information.

Please let us know if you have any questions and also a timely reminder please to send any updates in your emergency contact details to: to ensure that we have your correct email address and cell phone number for use in an emergency.