30 engaged principals enjoyed an insightful and interactive presentation at the last Connect Event for the year

Thursday 11 November and 30 principals came to Connect over breakfast in eager anticipation of what was to follow – a presentation from Neil O’Reilly outlining the challenges and outcomes of working through Covid in Hong Kong, and the lessons for NZ schools, along with some amazing insights into teaching and learning in New Zealand.

Image by: Shane Buckner

Aside from some great insights into leading a large school in Hong Kong, questions from the floor showed a real interest in the content.

A few takeouts for those who were unable to attend:

  • Working a 40-50 hour week is OK!
  • Having weekends off work is OK!
  • Taking holidays is OK!
  • Slowing the pace of change is OK!
  • Protecting staff from unnecessary change is OK!
  • Staff need to be #1 for us in order to have students at the centre

“Effective leaders do not focus on making good decisions, they focus on people” – Todd Whitaker

Thanks to Neil for his time and sharing knowledge and passion with us.

Thanks to our business partners and sponsors who support us to make these events happen.

CPPA Business Partners and sponsors 2021 — Image by: Shane Buckner