Information here about the current cohort and preparations for the 2022 programme.

CPPA Middle Leaders Update

Kia ora Colleagues

This year we are completing a Middle Leaders programme for the cohort we started in 2020 that were interrupted by COVID. On the completion of this programme, in Term 2, we are undertaking another full review of the programme to ensure we are covering the relevant knowledge, skills and strategies for Middle Leaders in light of changes in the leadership landscape.

Early in Term 3 we will advertise the programme for 2022 so you can plan and budget if you are accepted.

What won’t change

  • You need to be accepted into the programme

  • To be accepted you must send along all your middle leaders and the DP or AP to be their coach and mentor. If you are a small school then all your leadership – this might be only two. One person on their own will not be accepted due to the way we run the programme as we have found it has little impact. It is our experience that many DP and AP’s do not have the skills, knowledge or strategies of leadership so it is beneficial to them as well.

  • You will be required to attend a session where we outline the programme and how we expect you to support your Middle Leaders.

  • You will need to pay for your own relievers and the catering for each person

CPPA funds the costs of the project including admin, travel for facilitators and release for the facilitators.

The programme is run by volunteers . They all come from schools whose Board of Trustees and principals see the benefit of their participation in CPPA Middle Leaders.

We often get asked to run a programme for a middle leader who has joined a school who have already participated in the programme. It is our expectation that they are mentored in their own school but we may look at how to support this group. We have provided mentors in the past and we may in fact run a training course for this group.

Watch out for our information early in Term 3.

Jenny Washington and Denise Torrey

CPPA Middle Leaders Directors