This is important information for principals considering putting their Middle Leaders on the CPPA Middle Leaders Programme. The information and obligations need to be carefully considered by you as the Principal and shared with the Middle leaders , before registering for the programme.

OECD report shows NZ has a long tail of underachievement as well as high levels of in school variance. Variance in student outcomes is greater between classrooms than between schools and can be attributed to what the teacher does in the classroom.

The literature over the last twenty years in various Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) studies describe the middle leadership practices that are associated with successful outcomes for learners (Dinham, 2007; Harris, 1998, 1999; Harris, Jamieson, & Russ, 1995; Sammons, Thomas, & Mortimore, 1997). In summary, effective middle leaders are described as:

• leaders with personal qualities and relationships whose commitment, energy and enthusiasm for teaching motivated those around them

• establishing themselves as experienced and effective teachers who possessed depth and breadth of knowledge and a sound understanding of curricula and of current developments in their field

• consistently demonstrating pedagogical leadership of teachers in their department, centre or syndicate with strong academic and social outcomes for learners

• influencing evidence-based department planning and organization, ensure resources are well used and take a leading role in program design

• facilitating national and school/centre based policy and processes with their staff, which aided effective communication.

The OECD studies also highlighted that when key leadership practices are absent at wholeschool / centre and department level or if they are dysfunctional, learners do not appear to be so well served by their teachers (Harris, 1998).

“Research reveals the middle leaders can have the best impact on in-school variation when they are focused on addressing student and teacher performance, operating, in effect, as monitors’ of standards across the school. To do this they’ll need the opportunity and skills to effectively analyse, observe and share, offering their best and learning from the best.” National College UK

“The purpose of middle and senior leaders is to improve outcomes for all students- outcomes that embrace their education, welfare and development.” Leading from the Middle 2011

“Best practice,….. comes not from handing resources to people, it comes from teachers thinking differently about teaching and learning, having professional conversations about their practice, and carefully interpreting what they do” Hattie

It is designed to be linked to the Kiwi leadership model through the “Leading from the Middle” document.

“Evidence shows that the CPPA Middle Leaders’ Programme impacted positively on the instructional leadership of those middle leaders who have participated in the programme. Due to the influence middle leaders have on the practices of the teachers in their teams, the programme has impacted positively on outcomes for students.

The evidence for this was revealed by surveys of teachers, middle leaders, and principals. The research showed that schools can improve these outcomes even further when principals provide ongoing professional learning in instructional leadership skills and the time for middle leaders to observe teaching and give feedback. If middle leaders are also given time to work together towards school and team goals, consistent practices will reduce variance.” Denise Torrey Fellowship report

Who Can You Send

This course is designed for all the middle leaders in the school who have responsibilities for teams of teachers as well as the Deputy Principal/Assistant Principal from schools where the team/middle leaders are separate. It is designed for instructional leaders, those that have direct influence over teacher practice and therefore student outcomes as per the Team Leaders capabilities of the Educational Leadership Capabilities. To achieve consistency the school must send all the leaders, including a DP or AP as coach, who have those responsibilities. This will depend on the size of the school and the leadership structure within each school. This programme is not designed for leaders of curriculum. The programme has been significantly redeveloped post the Fellowship Research in 2017 and again and more recently against the Rauhuia Kaupapa.

The Programme

The programme allows middle leaders to work with other middle leaders from the same school as well as those from other schools. It can be fun but at times challenging.

The workshops cover

● What is effective leadership and reflect on your own leadership practices

● Presenting leadership initiatives/ resources

● Identifying Effective Teacher practice

● Running data/ information meeting

● Having Learning Conversations conversation

● Running effective meetings

● Change management to shift teacher practice

● Cultural Appropriate leadership practice

Each school will be provided with a facilitator to work specifically with them to increase their understanding

Expectations and Commitments of Middle Leaders

Complete the leadership skill survey before and post the programme

Attend the 4 day programme

Share a leadership initiative that has changed teacher practice and impacted on the learning

Expectations of DP / AP

  • Attend programme along with Middle Leaders

  • Attend ½ day workshop prior to programme

  • Fully participate in all the sessions and act as coach mentor to the Middle Leaders

Expectation and Commitments of Principals

Attend a one ½ day workshop

Provide release time for Middle leaders during the programme to work together on their leadership inquiry

Ensure that this programme is the appraisal for the year not an add on

Meet regularly with your Middle leaders – the workshop will provide guidelines around this

Ensure the Middle Leaders have all the required texts before the programme – most are downloadable

Carry out any reading provided to you as Principal


We will be only taking a limited number of schools on the programme and we prioritise those schools who send their whole teams.

We will inform you by the end of October if your application has been successful. If successful further information will be sent including the surveys.

Register below before 30 September

Denise Torrey and Jenny Washington


Dates/ Times: 2022

Participants: 15/16 March & 14 /15 June 8:30 – 3:30pm,

DP/ AP pre programme workshop: 9th March

Principal Workshop: 16 March 8:30 – 12:30pm

Venue: Somerfield Te Kura Wairepo Hall, 42 Studholme St, Somerfield

Costs: per participant for catering $150.00

Most costs are covered by CPPA . Your school will need to cover your own reliever costs and $150 per participant as a contribution towards catering.

Registration form here