Charles Levings is continuing to administer the Out of Zone Enrolment Scheme on our behalf for 2022. Attached are the dates and information for the Collective Enrolment Scheme for 2022

The following is a message from Charles Levings:

Because of the Covid19 disruption, I have changed the advertisement date for the advertisement for T1, 2022 however there is no change to the existing closing and Ballot dates.

I will assume that existing schools in the current CPPA enrolment scheme will continue next year UNLESS I get an email from you advising otherwise. If you are not in the scheme and wish to be, email me by this Friday – 27 August.

The new dates for 2022 are attached.

CPPA Enrolment scheme dates 2022 — Image by: Shane Buckner

We are required to advertise for term 1 next year and the ballot process must be completed by the 1st October. That’s the reason why we have to do it now. The advert will be put into the Press on Wednesday 1 September and closes on 29th September. 

Image by: Shane Buckner

Schools often have a policy – unwritten or written that brothers and sisters of children have a right to enrol at your school – even though families may have moved out of zone. They may be the only children that you can accept during the year (Priority 2’s). Do you have to advertise?
ANSWER: Yes. If the children live outside the zone, then your school ‘technically’ has vacancies but as they are priority 2, a school can decide on each ballot day that Priority 2’s are the only people you can accept.

QUESTION: Is it a good idea to have collective dates – what are the advantages?ANSWER: Yes it is and is promoted in the “Guidelines for the development and operation of enrolment schemes for State Schools” – 2017 issued by the Secretary for Education. If you accept someone from out of your school zone, then he/she will be living in another colleague’s zone and it is important that the process is fair and transparent and every school is on a level playing field.

QUESTION: Why advertise four times a year and have four ballot dates?
ANSWER: It gives schools flexibility as it means you can fill any vacancy that might have occurred during the year, AND schools that advertise only once, must have a waiting list (like High Schools) but because we advertise term by term, you can just invite an unsuccessful applicant to put their names forward to be considered next term.

Charles Levings

Emeritus Principal and waiting for a colleague to take over from me!!!