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Hauora with our Trans Tasman colleagues

Thursday 21 September 4:00pm
Dux Central

A group of principals are in Christchurch visiting schools and want to share a social time together with members of the CPPA. Let’s finish the term off with a great time of hauora together.

To CPPA principals

We want to offer a warm welcome to join our group of Principals and Senior Leaders from the Catholic Schools Office Armidale for a Hauora Evening on Thursday, 21 September, from 4 pm at Dux Central.

Our team is in Christchurch to gain insight into a few key areas that are working well within your system of schools:

  • The integration of Tikanga within schools
  • The use of an inquiry mindset (Timperley’s spiral of inquiry) to enhance student learning and school improvement
  • The use of data-informed practice

The Catholic Schools Office (CSO) from the Diocese of Armidale administers 24 schools, 19 primary schools, two central schools and three secondary schools. We are located in the New England and North Western areas of NSW. Our diocese spans a vast geographical land mass that includes cities such as Armidale and Tamworth in the east of our and schools in Wee Waa, Walgett and Mungindi to the west. Our schools are diverse and have increasing multicultural enrolments, as well as providing strong support and learning outcomes for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

We have all been on a journey of change over the past eight years. Our improvement in reading and mathematics results across our diocese is a testament to this.
Therefore coming to New Zealand, and having the chance to view different schools, will give us the opportunity to observe new practices that are getting results, as well as challenge us by seeing the Tikanga of your schools and how we can strive to suit better, not just the academic, social and faith dimensions of our students and families, but also further enhance the cultural aspects too.

We are looking forward to meeting you on Thursday, 21 September!

Kind Regards,

Alistair Stewart


St Joseph’s Primary School
52 Alma St, WEE WAA NSW 2388

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