Annual Goals


We Connect

Principals will have the opportunity to connect with colleagues across the CPPA region

What does success look like?

Principals are connecting in a variety of ways

Principals are accessing CPPA support, PLD and networks

2020 Actions
  • Streaming PLD where possible
  • Connecting with liaison and other groups
  • Leadership Team Conference
  • Hanmer Hauora retreat
  • Hauora afternoons ( one specifically for leadership teams)

CPPA communicates in a timely and effective manner

Principals are well informed have up to date, clear and timely information

Principals can access information, resources and support

  • Communications review
  • Explore ways to include new principals (new to CPPA)
  • CPPA create and share profiles

CPPA utilises strong links to advocate and provide pathways for action

Principals know where to go for support

CPPA and MOE, Grow Waitaha (and others) have a strong reciprocal relationship

Sustainable funding for mentoring programme

  • Liaison groups share and pass on summary of each EXEC meeting. 
  • Liaison groups review the ways to connect and communicate
  • Investigate the possibility of creating an online space for PLD/connections
  • Funding application for Mentoring

CPPA fosters and celebrates our bi-cultural identity

Authentic engagement with local hapu and iwi

Culturally appropriate leadership in Canterbury schools

CPPA is a culturally safe and inclusive organisation

  • Establish a respectful and reciprocal relationship with our local hapu and iwi
  • Develop a bilingual brand for CPPA (name, whakatauki, cultural narrative)
  • Clear communication and partnership between CPPA Waitaha Tumuaki
  • Model and encourage bicultural leadership practices that foster Māori language and culture