Thank you to the over 60% of you who have already paid your 2023/2024 subscription. Wananei!

Kia ora ngā hoa

Like most of you, I too received the automatic email from our web based subscription service advising me that the 2022/2023 subscription had expired. Similar to this:

expired subscription notification. — Image by: Shane Buckner

Like over 60% of you, I have already paid the 2023/2024 subscription as can be seen under the “My Account” tab then “Subscription” link as below:

Subscription status — Image by: Shane Buckner

At all times, you can see what status your status is as to your subscription.

If you then require your receipt for this transaction, then scroll down a bit further, and you will see the Payment History section (as below) where you can download the receipt for printing and passing on for reconciling the payment.

Payment history for receipt download — Image by: Shane Buckner

For those of you who have not yet paid the 2023/2024 subscription, there is a box shown above the payment history, that invites you to “RENEW SUBSCRIPTION”.

This renew page goes to the page where you choose the current U Plan for your school and you complete the Credit Card payment details. If you have completed your Account Details correctly, then most fields will be auto-populated, except for the credit card info.

Please – if you need any help with this, feel free to contact me.

Individual Invoicing

This is not the preferred method of subscription and event payment from schools. Providing a bespoke and individual invoice for schools adds another layer of work for principals already volunteering their time as exec members. 

For those very few schools that do not use a school credit card, please think about this as being an important tool of your mahi as Principal and CEO of your school. If you are with our Business Partner ASB as your school bank, Kylie will make it very easy for you and your school to set up a Credit Card. Schooldocs also has a very clear and robust policy to support you and your Board in compliance matters should this be a concern.

Thanks so much for being an active member of CPPA. We look forward to connecting, celebrating and collaborating with you during this year.

Keep smiling

Shane Buckner
Immediate Past President
on behalf of your CPPA Executive